About Bri ...

As an 18 year old who just started college, I was nervous and excited for what my athletic career had in store. I played basketball from grades 6 to 12, and had committed to a D3 college for the sport I loved. When COVID hit, school became virtual, and the entire freshmen season was cancelled. With my extra time, I started going to the gym regularly, reading up on nutrition, and cleaning up my diet. The gym became a sanctuary for me, a place to escape. 


I had heard a lot about bodybuilding and powerlifting, but never knew much about it. However, in an isolated, non-team world, powerlifting piqued my interest. Being a girl in this predominantly male dominated sport was intimidating. I was used to having a team around me throughout my athletic career. I was afraid of failing but pushed myself to keep going. Some people picked up on my potential quickly, and I became supported by a community of lifters, who showed me proper form and technique.


I came to realize I was a lot stronger mentally and physically then I ever gave myself credit for. People would say I was “Built Different” than other girls they saw at the gym. After 6 months of training every day, I competed in my first powerlifting competition. Ever since then, I knew this was what I wanted to peruse, and plan to keep pushing myself, as powerlifting gave me the opportunity to reinvent who I am.