Hi! I'M BRI.

As an 18 year old who just started college, I was nervous and excited for what my athletic career had in store. I played basketball from grades 6 to 12, and had committed to a D3 college for the sport I loved. When COVID hit, school became virtual, and the entire freshmen season was cancelled. With my extra time, I started going to the gym regularly, reading up on nutrition, and cleaning up my diet. The gym became a sanctuary for me, a place to escape. 


I had heard a lot about bodybuilding and powerlifting, but never knew much about it. However, in an isolated, non-team world, powerlifting piqued my interest. Being a girl in this predominantly male dominated sport was intimidating. I was used to having a team around me throughout my athletic career. I was afraid of failing but pushed myself to keep going. Some people picked up on my potential quickly, and I became supported by a community of lifters, who showed me proper form and technique.

I came to realize I was a lot stronger mentally and physically then I ever gave myself credit for. People would say I was “Built Different” than other girls they saw at the gym. After 6 months of training every day, I competed in my first powerlifting competition. I now hold New York State Records in Squatting, Bench Press, Deadlifting and total weight lifted. I also hold the world record in deadlifting with a 370 lb lift. I plan to keep pushing myself, as powerlifting gave me the opportunity to reinvent who I am.



My Motto

At the start of my powerlifting journey, I was scared to fail. But, each day, I tried harder, grew stronger, and convinced myself to fear less. Fear Less became my mantra. It pushes me everyday to surpass my fears, and become my best self.

My Apparel

Fear less wear.

My clothing line is dedicated to athletes and people out there that want to & can reinvent themselves. Don’t settle for ordinary. Don’t be scared to take a chance. Don’t let others’ opinions dictate what you feel you can and can’t do. Get up and prove them wrong, and each day you will fear a little less than the day before.


4x New York State Record Holder

World Record Deadlift - Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate

#2 USAPL T3 69kg Champion